Economic Vision: The Means of Development

Economy is a comprehensive phrase, it means business, investment, development, it deals with companies, and it also covers the economic activities among the countries.
But the major economic platform is “Development” which means various conceptions, timing, education, health and the all means of infrastructure.
Time has an economic value and impact in implementing development projects, in the world of business time is more precious than money, investing time considered as a crucial pillar in economic factors.
Education also has its own value in development process, we live in the age of globalism, people measure things by “Knowledge” so through knowledge you can defeat poverty challenges and overcome them, knowledge base quality not quantity, a few of well armed soldiers win the battle before thousands of traditional armed ones, the same proverb can be applied in economy and business.
Companies and business houses rely on high level of education that based on technology and knowledge, they depend on database system to do feasibility studies.
The fitness of the employees plays an important role in accelerating development process, workers of good health produce more, and development is the core of good economy.
Development is a process, consists of different sectors, each one lead to the final output.
Without infrastructure, the economic situation of the countries will suffer from deterioration, the strong network of transportation and eclectic services contribute to improve livelihood of people in term of facilities and services, technology is accounted as an infrastructure.
Electronic payment and online trade, depends on technology which changed the generation from traditional way of life, to digitalization, it becomes a part of life.
Economic potential alone, doesn’t achieve development, particularly in our present life, the development process is just like the structure of the human body, if one of its parts complains, all the other parts will complain too.

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Economic Vision
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