Formation of New Government of 21 Ministers and 18 State Ministers

Al-Sammani Awadallah

Khartoum – Prime Minister, Dr. Mohamed Taher Eila announced the formation of a government of 21 ministers and 18 state ministers, where ministers and state ministers will sworn in before the President of the republic.
Under the presidential decree issued by the President of the Republic, the following were appointed as ministers:-
Fadl Abdullah Fadl, as minister of the Presidency, Ahmed Saad as cabinet minister, Prof. Barakat Mousa Al-Hawati for federal governance chamber, Bushara Jomah Arrour for interior, Al-Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed for Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Ahmed Salem for ministry of justice, Majdi Hassan Yassin for Finance Ministry, Al-Khair Al-Nour Al-Mobarak for eduction, Bahr Idris Abu Garda for Labor and administrative reform, Hassan Ismael for Information, Communications, and Information Technology, Rodwan Mohamed Ahmed Morgan for Agriculture, Hamed Mumtaz for Industry and Trade, Ishaq Adam Bashir for Oil and Gas, Mohamed Ahmed Abufatmeh for Metals, Hatem Al-Sir for transport and urban development, Ibrahim Yousef for livestock and fisheries resources, Dr. Suhair Ahmed Salah for Higher Education, Al-Samoal Khalafallah for culture, Soaad Al-Karib for social security, and Al-Sadiq Mahjoub Al-Faki Hashem for ministry of health.
President Al-Bashir also issued a decree appointing the following as state ministers:-
Abu Bakr Awad Hassanain, as state minister at the Presidency, Khalid Hassan Ibrahim, and Amna Dirar at the Council of Ministers, Osama Faisal and Omer Bashir at Foreign Ministry, Mustafa Holli at Finance Ministry, Abul Qasim Al-Amin Baraka and Abul Qasim Imam at Federal Governance, Ibrahim Adam Ibrahim at Education Ministry, Mona Farouq at Information Ministry, Nahar Osman Nahar at Agriculture and Forestry Ministry, Saad Eddin Hussein Al-Bushra at Oil and Gas Ministry, Ahmed Adam Kabo for Irrigation and Water Resources Ministry, Mustafa Mahmoud at Transport and Urban Development Ministry, Mohamed Taher Al-Amin for Livestock and Fisheries Ministry, Tabita Botros at Higher Education Ministry, Somaia Aked at Culture and Tourism Ministry, and Ahmed Mohamed Osman state minister at Social Security Ministry.

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