Industry and Trade Ministry is Ready for the Success of the Gum Arabic Conference to be Held in Khartoum

Khada Elias

Khartoum – Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Abdul Rahman Ajab expressed his hope that the World Gum Arab Conference to be held in Khartoum in early May achieves its objectives for serving African countries producing gum arabic, including Sudan, for economic change in favor of Sudan and African countries..
During the regular meeting of the conference committee, held here yesterday, Ajab affirmed that the ministry is ready to make the conference a successful one, praising the work of the subcommittees of the conference and the ongoing arrangements..
For his part, Director of the Department of International Organizations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Kamal Jobara stressed the importance of intensifying the work of the various subcommittees, while Dr. Abdul Majid Abdul Gader, Secretary General of the Gum Council, called for intensified invitations focusing on the countries importing gum arabic from Sudan.

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