Industry Ministry to Coordinate with Regional and International Organizations

Khalda Elyas

Khartoum – The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in River Nile State, Abdul Rahman Ajab, has revealed that River Nile State was endowed by natural resources, namely agriculture, animal resources and mining, which create an industrial atmosphere in the State.
He stated yesterday, while he was in a meeting with River Nile Initiative Committee for Cooperation and Coordination.
The objective of the committee is coordinate with Federal Ministry of Industry and Trade to promote industrial sector in the State. It is to be noted that, the committee headed by the director of federal ministry of planning and research department Al Amin Ahmed Osman.
The Undersecretary, pointed to the necessity of the establishing an industrial complexes, to encourage development and to create job opportunities as well as to improve livelihood.
“We have to prepare feasibilities to the industrial projects, also we need to coordinate with the regional and international organizations for training and capacity building” said Ajab.
While Amin told the mission of the committee focuses on setting plans and feasibilities to construct industrial complexes in the State to promote industrial sector and to single out the challenges that face industry in the State.
On his part, the director of production and investment in the Ministry of Industry and Trade of River Nile State, has appreciated the efforts of the federal Ministry to promote industrial sector.

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