Italian Ambassador Presents Lecture on Promotion of Tourism in Sudan

Mona Mustafa

Khartoum- The Italian Ambassador in Khartoum has affirmed importance of tourism industry for economic development in Sudan.
This came in a lecture presented by the ambassador on tourism promotion in Sudan, organized by Al Neelain University yesterday with wide attendance of experts and concerned persons.
The ambassador said the Sudan is characterized by diversity of cultures and traditions and that the variations in environments in the country have created suitable attractions for tourists.
He showed during the lecture a video that shows the great respect accorded by the Sudanese people to the foreigners.
The ambassador said he visited many areas in Sudan, reviewing a number of things that pleased him in the country including sufi sects, Sudanese toub and Sudanese asida food.
He praised welcome accorded to tourists in Sudan, which reflects a bright image for the country, affirming the importance of tourism industry for economic development in the country, announcing availing training opportunities for the Sudanese in the field of tourism in Italy.
Dr. Hassan Al Saori, Professor of Political Science at Al Neelain University, said the university organizes tourism promotion activities to develop tourism industry in Sudan.

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