Presidency: Government Will Not Tolerate Manipulators of People Food

Sudan Vision

Khartoum- Presidential Aide Maj. Gen. Abdul-Rahman Al-Sadig Al-Mahdi has affirmed that the government would not tolerate manipulators of the food of the people, brokers and corruption, stressing the importance of elevation of the values of the homeland and doing away with personal and partisan interests.
Al Mahdi directed during his inauguration of the youth markets that sell at the factory price the leadership of the Youth Union to engage in open dialogue with the youth irrespective of their political affiliations and address all their issues, affirming commitment of the state to the outcome of this dialogue.
He stressed the importance of shunning violence, considering the Youth Union as a national umbrella for all Sudanese youth, affirming that the President of the Republic relies on the youth during the coming period.
Al Mahdi called on the governors of the various states of the Sudan to open branches for the youth markets that sell at the factory price at all localities, affirming the government support to such markets.
The Chairman of the Youth Union, Mahmoud Ahmed, on his part said, the youth markets aim at ending middlemen and brokers activities through direct selling of commodities to the citizens at the real cost price.

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