Sudan and Ethiopia Sign Protocol on Deployment of Joint Forces on Borders


Khartoum – Sudan and Ethiopia signed, here Tuesday, a protocol on the deployment of joint forces to control the borders, fight smuggling, illegal immigration and the cross border-crimes.
The Chief of Staff, First Lt. Gen. Dr. Kamal Abdul-Marouf signed for Sudan, while the Ethiopian Chief of Staff signed for his country.
Abdul-Marouf said, in a press statement, that the two countries signed the protocol to deploy joint forces, stressing that Sudan has been presenting regional initiatives to maintain peace and security in the conflict-hit-region..
He expected that the said step will control all problems, prevent confrontations and preserve the rights of the peoples at the border areas, describing the relations with Ethiopia as historical, affirming that the visit of his Ethiopian counterpart to Sudan comes in the context of the regular exchange of visits between the two countries, indicating that a number of protocols and agreements were signed between the Sudanese and Ethiopian armies on mechanisms of military cooperation and  mechanisms for meetings at the ministerial, chiefs of staff, experts and border teams
‘He revealed that the experts of the two countries will meet after two weeks in Gedarif to prepare the details of the locations of the border forces which will be stationed before the rainfall, where the joint protocol will be activated..

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