Sudan Stresses the Importance of Activating Refugees Voluntary Return

Al-Sammani Awadallah

   Khartoum – Sudan stressed the importance of activating the voluntary return of refugees as it is the best solution to refugee problems..
During a meeting organized by the United Nations Special Envoy for the Great Lakes Countries in Uganda on the creation of a vision of how to implement sustainable solutions for refugees in the Great Lakes countries, Sudanese Refugees Commissioner, Mohammed Yassin said that the return of refugees only is not enough, but there should be cooperation in rehabilitating the affected areas by refugees and rehabilitation of areas of return so as to motivate them to return by providing them with basic services..
  He said that the meeting discussed how to integrate refugees into local communities, where countries have to provide assistance to refugees within the framework of the national plans of countries, adding that the conference discussed finding a vision to activate the voluntary return of refugees and resettlement in a third country, saying that Sudan has reached bilateral agreements for the voluntary return of refugees in Chad, Central Africa Republic (CAR) and Chadian refugees in Sudan..
       He said Sudan had managed to return about 3,000 refugees from Chad, implement the return of five Chadian refugees from Sudan and 1,500 Sudanese refugees from CAR, affirming that the number of Sudanese refugees in eastern Chad is about 320,000, saying that he told the conference that the challenges of refugees return in a short time is the lack of international funding, stressing that he called on the international community to help Sudan in the implementation of the voluntary return of refugees in Chad, pointing out that the return alone is not enough, but the areas of return must be prepared, besides the provision of basic services..
  He referred to the Sudanese government’s efforts to prepare for the voluntary return of refugees through arms collection, tribal reconciliation and compensation, and the government’s general amnesty for the arms holders..

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