The Presidency: Production Increasing will Contribute to Overcome Economic Challenges

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum – Vice President, Osman Yousef Kibir said Sudan has vast agricultural and fertile land for agriculture and abundant water that requires the will to exploit it, and that increasing production is a key objective of the state to overcome economic challenges..
Kibir who addressed the celebration of the harvest of the wheat crop in Al-Zedab agricultural project in the state of the River Nile, called on farmers to transfer from traditional agriculture to agriculture using modern technology to ensure high productivity of crops, reiterating the commitment of the state to provide all aids to the harvest process and to overcome all the obstacles and problems.
For his part, Governor the River Nile State, Lieutenant General Al-Tayeb Al-Misbah expressed appreciation of the state of the efforts of the Presidency of the Republic and its interest in agriculture, farmers and harvesting..

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