Weekly Roundup: Beware Firearms Scenario

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

People might agree or disagree towards the announcement of the State of Emergency or over the slogan of (Just fall .. That’s all)) or (Just sit .. That is it) as long as the agreements and disagreements are in its peaceful manner and civil language.
But what is categorically rejected is the dragging the peaceful protests to the square of armed conflict chaos.
It is true that the youth who go to the streets do not plan for such chaos despite their knowledge of using the firearms as most of them were trained in the national service camps.
But this doesn’t mean that there are no attempts from armed groups to direct their elements in the protests to adapt such violent approaches.
The recent successful steps from the National Intelligence and security Service (NISS) in seizing criminal networks during their attempts to bring firearms inside greater Khartoum to be used during the protests, the latest operation of the NISS in storming a weapons store near Al-Huda prison in the westernmost part of the city of Omdurman on Tuesday morning, where three people were arrested after a heavy exchange of fire.
An official security source said that the operation, which he considered successful, resulted in the arrest of three suspects and the seizure of a large and varied quantity of weapons buried inside the house where the accused were living.
According to the source, the implementation of the operation witnessed an exchange of fire with the elements holed inside the house, which led to injury ofone and surrender of his companion after violent resistance and the detonation of some grenades in the face of the raiding forces.
The operation took place following the availability of confirmed information to the security authorities during the interrogation of the elements arrested last week when car (Box Toyota) was seized in the State of Gedarif in the east of the country and a truck loaded with weapons at the checkpoint in Dar Al-Salaam west of Omdurman, explained that another shipment of weapons was smuggled to Omdurman and hidden inside a rented house used as a hidden place to bury the weapon inside it.
The security source confirmed that the situation is under full control after the operation, and that the three elements in the grip of security and are subject to questioning to reach all aspects of the truth.
Security agencies had said, earlier, that the main suspect had admitted of his affiliation to the Sudan Liberation Movement in Darfur, Abdul Wahid Nour, resident in France, and that he was assigned to deliver the shipment of arms from the movement control areas in the region to the specific den in Omdurman.
The culprits’ confession that they entered Sudan from Libya according to directives from leaders of Sudanese armed groups to bring those firearms to certain places inside greater Khartoum simply means that there is a great plot to shift the current protests to the status of chaos and killings.
The civil political parties should stick to its peaceful slogan which the youth who took to the streets are committing to through distancing themselves from any violence or sabotage.
The opposition political parties must disown those armed groups if they insist to their misbehaviour in practicing violence because any alliance by the political components with those armed groups are just criminal networks which want to use the word (peaceful) tactically.

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