Weekly Roundup: Raising the Red Card in the Injury Time

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

Sudan is at crossroads and there is no chance for maneuvers or dodgy moves considering that the President pledged to stand in equal distance from all political forces.
All the steps in the present moments should be well calculated not only in the center, but also in all the states of Sudan.
The President’s directives to the newly appointed military governors were very strict to be careful in selections of their aides who could help them in performing the tasks they are assigned for.
Our understanding from the President’s announcement that he will stand in equal distance from all political forces is that the upcoming caretaker government will be selected from technocrats irrespective of their political loyalties.
But unfortunately some of the appointed military governors preferred to retain the same old figures in their positions, and this contradicts the Presidential directives, so the President should intervene and direct the governors to adhere to his directives.
There are a lot of Sudanese who are suspicious that the President will stand at the same distance from all political forces.
The only way approach to remove the suspicion is taking practical steps to support the President’s announcement and strengthen his desire.
We are accustomed to the fact that such Presidential decisions require support and protection to close any loophole that might allow the infiltrators to abort it.
It is true that the deep state has its strong arms in all the public institutions a matter that qualifies it to foil the directives of the President if they recognize that it might negatively affect their interests.
We are now in the injury time and the last chance for making a considerable breakthrough to bring Sudan out of the present vicious circle.
It is high time to raise the red card in this injury time against those who are exhausted their energy and failed to achieve the aspiration of the public during the full time they were playing.

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