Weekly Roundup: Two Areas’ Issue and the AUHIP

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

Within the recent protests which spread all over the country, South Kordofan State was away from the turmoil and its citizens are practicing their normal activities but in cautious calmness.
Despite the fact that the citizens of South Kordofan are simple people, but they have smart evaluation towards the political arena.
The communities of the area know very well the importance of peace and bringing silence to the guns, so the ceasefire agreement was committed to by both sides (the government and the armed groups).
This is clear on the ground and proves the good intensions from both sides.
The ceasefire agreement is strictly enforced after the dismissal of the hardliners of the SPLM-N such as Yassir Arman and his likes who was the main reason for aborting all the rounds of negotiations in its first stages (by the way they are 31 rounds of talks).
The ex-SPLM-N Secretary General Yassir Arman always enters the rounds of talks with hidden agendas and incapacitate terms besides marginalizing the SPLM-N leading bureau and its agendas which aim at reaching peaceful settlement.
But the soft power and flexible leading figures in the SPLM-N recognized the plots of Arman and his neglecting the real demands of the sons of South Kordofan, so they got rid of him.
After replacing Arman by; Ammar Amom a settlement was reached that resulted to the ceasefire in South Kordofan.
The decision was correct and wise so it found acceptance from all South Kordofan components.
These days there are infiltrations that the SPLM-N leading figures affirmed that they do accept to sit with the government round negotiations table as soon as possible to reach political settlements and sustainable peace in the area.
The citizens in South Kordofan are very optimistic, especially after the recent visit of President Al Bashir and his affirmation that this year will be the year of peace.
There are considerable efforts from the leaderships in the two area including the local chieftains and prominent figures to implement the peace agendas on the ground.
The question that poses itself is will the AUHIP call for a new round of talks between the government and the SPLM-N? If yes, will there be new flexible initiatives for the political settlement to overcome the obstacles and reach reasonable recommendations that could be applicable?

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