All the Impediments that Relate to Livelihood should be Dealt with Urgently

Ahmed Ibrahim Ballal

Khartoum – In order to overcome the current problems that have plagued the country, especially economically, many, especially the economists, have called on the newly formed government to act quickly to realize the aspired for goals. To begin with, there is the economical expert, Dr. Babikir Mohamed Toum, who says that the present economic situation should be thoroughly evaluated and analyzed to pinpoint exactly the ills, calling for availing the chance to expand in the local investment.
He adds that the future of the country is to get concerned with the bigger projects, such oil and gold, advising that in this regard big multi-national companies should receive top consideration to achieve positive outcomes, especially economically.
Dr. Toum indicates that the state of emergency is beneficial, especially when it comes to taking quick decisions.
Likewise, Dr. Mohamed Al-Nair, economist, said that problems such as inflation, hard currency, liquidity, etc. should be given all the due heed by the new government, pointing out the research centers have had significant roles to play in providing the adequate solutions.
He went further to say that exports should be increased, advising that the negative phenomena, such as queues of fuel and bread, should be immediately ended.
Al Nair concludes his remarks to suggest adoption of genuine programs for the increase of production and productivity rates.
And economist Abdallah Al-Ramadi sees the appropriate solution to the economic dilemma that the country is in now, can be overcome via the control of markets, monitor of the returns of gold and the combat of corruption.
Al-Ramadi is of the opinion that all the stumbling blocks that relate to the livelihood of the citizens should be urgently dealt with.

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