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Today I would like to talk about sensitive and important issue in Africa, to see what is behind the delay of Africa from playing a crucial role in the world, in spite of its economic capability which qualifies it to lead both the economic and political movements. Africa is still far away.
Africa is known as a source of diseases, ignorance and poverty. So can Africa get rid of these three deadly diseases? Can it change the facts? The answer of the two questions is simply yes, because the disease has been diagnosed, but patients (governments) refused to respond to the medicine. Fighting against waste of time and corruption are the only cure of Africa’s ills. African people at all levels, do not respect time, we know that time is an important element in changing from bad to good and from situation to other.
The first step is to educate people how to respect and evaluate time. Everything in our life is related strongly to time, so even our existence as human being is subjected to time. All production factors depend on time.
According to reports, people in Africa work thirty minutes during the day work. Africa is one of the most important continents economically, it has oil, minerals, animal resources and vast fertilized agricultural land; unless we exploit this wealth by experts and workers. We will not get benefits, because foreign companies and capitals look for their own interests. They do not allow us to pay attention to necessity of time; they encourage civil wars and tribalism. This is considered as a fourth challenge. But the chronic disease is corruption, which is deeply rooted in Africa. When we say corruption we do not mean only stealing of wealth, we mean the comprehensive definition that affect all aspects of life, when governments apply law for others and protect itself they are corrupt. The absence of state system, transparency and accountability assist dictators and criminals to destroy the countries and damage infrastructure. To create a new Africa, we should have to work hard to form democratic parties and to release freedom to media to criticize and evaluate the performance of governments and discover all means of corruption to people.
There is a challenge that faces media, how to be independent and neutral, so to purify media itself from corruption and time wasting. Journalists must change the miserable image.
The second step is through cooperation between media and politicians to look for the interest of the people. Politicians should have to use media as one of their mechanism to achieve goals, civilized governments depend on media. It is an advisory body to inform, evaluate and provide solutions. It lights the dark areas, so governments instead of dealing with media they put obstacles.
In Africa the press always appreciates the performance of leaders, not to criticize them. So there is no way to fight against corruption and injustice without strong, neutral free media and responsible good governance.

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