NISS’s Deputy Director Praises the Role of Teachers in Succeeding SSCE

Ahmed Ibrahim
Khartoum – Lt. Gen. Jalal Al-Din Al-Sheikh, deputy NISS’s director, praised the teachers’ sector, who contribute to the stability of the academic school year, especially the Sudan school certificate exams (SSCE).
In a relevant development, the head of the federal education union (FEU), Dr. Abbas Habeeballah, said that SSCE’s first stage was finished last Thursday, praising the teachers for what they have done in this regard.
He went to say that FEU and in coordination with the exams administration have started arrangements to establish 10 centers for control and marking as well as 45 locations for the teachers’ accommodation, concluding to say this; ‘FEU is ready to provide a conducive environment to the teachers’.
And state minister/secretary general for the Sudanese working abroad, ambassador Isam Mutwali, addresses a farewell festival held at Libya for the SSCE’s Sudanese pupils there who have sit successfully for SSCE.
He concludes his remarks to disclose that there is an agreement signed with Turkey in the sphere of the electronic education to resolve the problems that relate to the education of the sons of the expatriates. ‘Based on the agreement, and via the mobile, any Sudanese can learn conveniently the Sudanese syllabus’.

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