Al Bashir Directs Governors to Establish Cities to Shelter Homeless and lack of Parental Care

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum – President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir opened social city of Khartoum, stressing the interest of the state in the vulnerable sectors of homeless people and those lack of parental care.
Addressing the opening of the city yesterday, Al-Bashir directed the governors of the states to visit and recognize the city and seek to establish social cities in all states of Sudan, announcing his support for the city in the amount of SDG 100 million to complete all its facilities, pledging to continue the work in the city to be completed to serve all categories and sectors of society in the country, expressing his admiration for the excellence of the city and the level of services provided, stressing that these sectors will be their interest and care to enable and integrate them in society to live a decent life and be good citizens for themselves and their families and society, stressing the importance of this work to find care of all officials of the state and not the State of Khartoum alone.
For his part, Governor of Khartoum State, First Lieutenant General (Police) Hashim Osman Al-Hussein stressed the care of the state government of the city to achieve its goals for which it was established.
For her part, Minister of Social Development, Amal Al-Bakri Al-Bili said that the city is one of the largest social development projects in the state of Khartoum and is expected to contribute to building a generation of expertise, skills and knowledge that enabling them to play a leading role in expanding the role of homeless in various areas of social development, adding that the social city is a qualitative leap in the social sector.

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