Solutions to the Fuel Crisis in Mining Areas

Shadia Basheri

Khartoum – Minister of Minerals, Dr. Mohamed Abu Fatema revealed the development of treatments to solve the fuel crisis suffered by the mining sector, in response to appeal of traditional miners and companies in a number of states of the country.
The minister reassured the workers in this sector that the ministry, in coordination with the Ministry of Oil and related bodies, will provide all required quantities of fuel to the sector to do what is required of it..
 The minister pointed out that there is a promise from the Ministry of Oil to provide all what is required, stressing that the separation of the ministry came to expedite the performance of tasks, noting the need to preserve the lives of miners who work in traditional mining and suffer from some incidents, as well as interest in increasing production and productivity, revealing about intention to revise the agreements signed with some companies to maximize the country’s revenues from mineral products, especially gold and other minerals..
The former minister of oil, gas and minerals, Azhari Abdel Gader called for the need to work to preserve the safety of the lives of the traditional miners, calling the new minister to the need to speed up the meeting of the Supreme Council for Mining as soon as possible.

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