NDS Cabinet Issues Package of Decrees Concern with Living Hardship

Mohamed Shoaib

Elfasher – The cabinet of North Darfur state during its periodic meeting chaired by the governor of ( NDS ) Lt. Gen. Al-Naeem Khidhir Morsal, has endorsed a report of agricultural survey findings in the state. The meeting also directed at concentrating on agriculture, both vegetarian and animal, as the (CNDS ) called for the need for cultivating wheat as it’s considered as a strategic harvest.
” a modal farmer should be honoured to encourage the further production”
The (CNDS ) secretary general , spokesman , Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim Abdo-Alkareem , said in a press statement.
He added that the cabinet stressed on providing a fund for productive projects , establishing silos for storing crops, and a bank for purchasing surplus of the harvest.
The ( CNDS ) also issued a number of decisions and public directions in pertaining with finding cured solutions for living hardship through the serious procedures and managements.
The directions whereby encompass : the increase in the sacks of flour for bakeries from 850 to 1500 per day, precision the popular observation for the bakeries , checking the weight of bread, , flow of flour , and preventing it from manipulation. The spokesman said.
He added that the council of ministries directed at stopping selling immovable estates in all state localities.
the (CNDS ) also issued another orders concern with completing the water grid of Elfasher city , installing 14 cisterns in suburban neighbourhoods in preparation for upcoming summer. The meeting also issued a decree on promoting 469 leading staff in all different government institutions.

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