Rural Women, Creative and Productive , UNSECO-Chair for womman

Neimat al Naiem – Photo: Al-Sir Mukhtar

Khartoum-Professor al Shafaa Abdelgadir Hassan , Director General of UNSECO-ISCSO Chair for women at Sudan University of Science and Technology highlighted the activities of the chair in the rural areas as well as in the urban ones. She briefed to Sudan vision in an interview will come out tomorrow, the role of UNSECO- Chair for women in capacity building and training targeting thousands of rural women distributed in all states of Sudan.
She added that such programs are being implented as partnerships with national llocal ,regional and international concerned bodies that work in the fields of human resources and development. She noted to real interaction of the trainees. She described women in the rural areas and the sub-villages in particular are productive and creative. UNSECO – Chair for women targets all women with their different status and ages even the aged one , will have opportunities in training and capacity building , educated or un educated .
She added that such training will enabling women to fulfil self- satisfaction of their needs and buy the additional of her products that including foods industries, desserts , hand crafts , leathers , etc.
Sudan Vision visited the permanent exhibition of UNSECO- Chair for women that reflect some of the contributions of women.

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