Commission Reveals Arrangements for the return of 44 Thousand Sudanese Refugees from Ethiopia

Al-Sammani Awadallah

Khartoum – Commission of Refugees(COR) has revealed the preparations for the return of Ethiopian refugees in Al-Shajarab camp in Gedaref State to their country after the considerable stability in their home villages.
For his part, Refugees Commissioner, Eng. Hamad Al-Jizouli affirmed the arrival of some 1445 Ethiopian refugees to the Sudanese borders and were transported to Al-Shajarab camp in coordination with the UNHCR, pointing out that the Ethiopian Consul in Gedaref visited those refugees who in their part expressed their desire to return to Ethiopia.
He added that the Refugees Commission brought them back to their country affirming that their return process is going on smoothly without any difficulties.
Al-Jizouli added that they will lead an information campaign among the refugees who desire to return, pointing out that the Ethiopian ambassador in Khartoum telephoned the Commissioner on the process.
Meanwhile, Al-Jizouli said that they completed the arrangements for the return of 44 thousand Sudanese refugees residing in Sousa region after they expressed their desire to return to their already started the procedures for the return of the Sudanese refugees in coordination with the UNHCR.
He pointed out to the resumption of the return of Sudanese refugees in Chad, affirming that big numbers of them were received in Al-Tina Camp in North Darfur, affirming that a new camp was constructed in West Darfur to received the returnees from Chad.

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