Gezira State Governor Attends Celebration Marking Success of Agricultural Season

Sudan Vision 

Medani – The governor)of Gezira State, Lt. Gen. Ali Mohamed Salim, Wednesday attended at Badina village, Tambul Administrative Unit in Eastern Gezira Locality a celebration marking success of the agricultural season and honoring of the Agricultural Bank’s staffers.
Addressing the celebration, the governor has appreciated the role of citizens at the area for realizing a high productivity in the summer agricultural season.
He commended the efforts of the Agricultural Bank and its outstanding contribution to success of the agricultural season in the state in general and at Tambul area especially.
He referred to high potentialities and the productive manpower at the area, calling on the Agricultural Bank to increase the ceiling of funding for farmers and expanding the use of modern technology in cultivation.
He pointed to the recent decisions of the President of the Republic for enhancing the economic situation, realizing security and stability and combating smuggling and monopoly.
Lt. Gen. Salim has affirmed his government commitment to complete establishment of the roads’ network in Eastern Gezira Locality

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