Weekly Roundup: No for Belittling Opposition Meetings

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

The opposition alliance, Sudan Call, began meetings in the French capital on Monday to discuss political developments in Sudan.
The meetings will be held in the framework of supporting the revolutionary movement, the unity of opposition work and activating joint action on all tracks until reaching a new regime that guarantees freedoms and achieves peace, justice and democracy.
The Sudan call is a signatory, with other opposition forces, of the Freedom and Change Declaration which provides to peacefully achieve a regime change in Sudan and to establish a transitional government to make political and economic reforms and to hold general elections within four years.
On the other hand, the Sudanese government on Monday has disclosed ongoing contacts between President Omer Al Bashir and the political opposition and armed groups to achieve a peaceful settlement to the Sudanese crisis.
President Al Bashir stressed the contacts with the holdout opposition have achieved positive results, saying the government efforts to achieve peace in Darfur, South Kordofan and the Blue Nile would see a further boost during the coming few days.
Meanwhile, Al-Sadiq al-Mahdi, who is also the NUP chairman and chairman of the Sudan Call has met with several government officials including NISS Director, Lt. Gen. Salah Gosh more than once.
There are regular and continued contacts from officials within the regime and others affiliated with the government.
It is noteworthy that NISS Director has met with a number of the detained opposition leaders including the Political Secretary of the Sudanese Communist Party, Mohamed Mukhtar Al-Khateeb as well as members of the civil society Hamid Ali Nour and Muawia Shadad.
He also met with several activists and the leader of the Sudanese Congress Party Omer al-Digair before his release on 4 March.
This means that the government is knocking on all the doors to realize peace and stability through initiating genuine dialogue with all parties in order to reach a national consensus.
Accordingly, the government officials should not air unwise statements in which they downplay the meetings of the opposition or armed groups because the outcomes of those meetings could lead to common ground through which the opposition could contribute in resolving the crises of the Sudanese nation.
It is high time to restore to voice of wisdom instead of escalating the hostile language being that from the opposition or the government.

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