Women Union Describes Childhood and Women Issues as Inseparable

Sudan Vision

Khartoum – The Secretary- General of  The General Union  of  Sudanese Women(GUSW) , Ahlam Mohamed Ibrahim , affirmed  that  issues childhood  and women are inseparable ,and revealed common goals with UNICEF, announcing the Union  readiness for broad partnerships to achieve the goals.
During a joint meeting with the National Council for Child Welfare and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Ahlam  said   projects for women  would be implemented  during the upcoming period, emphasizing  that women’s issues will be  a top priority.
The Secretary-General of the National Council for Child Welfare, from her part,  expressed  pleasure  over  partnership with  the  General Union of Sudanese Women  and called  for  exerting efforts to  implement more projects of broad partnerships with  the  union.
The UNICEF specialist in public partnerships and government relations, pointed to the effective partnerships with  the National Council for Child Welfare and expressed full readiness for further cooperation and coordination to achieve the  common objectives.

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