E. Darfur; Biggest State to Achieve in Arms Collection: Governor

Ahmed Ibrahim

Khartoum -The governor of East Darfur, Maj. Gen. Anas Omar, discloses that they have adopted one similar stance towards all the political composition in the state, including the national congress party.
On the state’s common borders with South Sudan, the governor comments that they have been exerting utmost efforts to benefit from this through the exchange of benefits mutually.
On issue of the refugees, he says that such a matter compared with displaced persons, the number is so huge, amounting to 140000 refugees who all of them do come from South Sudan.
On the subject matter of arms’ collection, the Maj. Gen. says that East Darfur is the biggest state that succeeds in this area.
On the native administration, Anas Omar says that its formation is based on consensus and coordination between all the state’s segments of population.
On the zero thirst project, the governor says that they have received continuous support from the federal ministry of electricity and water. ‘This is in addition to the assistance from the bothers of dams and water harvest’.
And on the schools’ drop outs, he says that and in order to curb this phenomenon, they are in need of launching a large media campaign to encourage families to educate their children, going further to mention the previous republican order that obliges families to send their sons to schools.

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