Spectrum: New Zealand Formula: East + West = Conflict

History facts are based on political, economic, military and commercial conditions, and are based on the human motivation of the movement and the attempt to acquire more power and wealth, according to the major strategic lines of the game.
We can simply say that there are facts that remain constant through the march of civilization, with the fact that many details of history are thoughts and intuition, according to Will Durant in his book The story of civilization, but nevertheless we can always create an outlines, seeking the attempt to build a structure of understanding and put some light on the events of the world, according to H.G. Wales in his book The Outlines of History.
Regardless of the fact that these facts are painful or frightening or that we may feel panic and discomfort towards them, indeed for many reasons, including the nature of human beings, based on the love of what is familiar and visible and containable, the truth, the more unknown, the more in being panic.
Through the strategic history and the conflict in the Middle East, we can be inspired by many of the events of the world today, and the event of the Al-Nour Mosque in New Zealand, which seems to be passing events, under the global tension and the action of the strategic game according to the interests, but the truth is deeper, of course, the binary (East / West) remains at the root of the attack, the attacker is, of course, laden with a heavy legacy: historical, religious, military and political, via that history between the west and Islam, the West that withering from the inside, according to Oswald Spengler in his book The Decline of the West.
Regardless of the views here, and the attempt to bring us together with further dialogue, which is of course old, from the days of Caliph Harun al-Rashid in Baghdad and King Charlemagne in the city of Aachen in Germany today, and from the days of George V the king of Norway and Hisham III in Cordoba during the days of the Islamic civilization in Andalusia, and during the Fatimid period in Egypt and Sicily in the days of Frederick II, there are long points of encounter and attempt to dialogue across history between East and West, but in fact, all shatter under the highest strategic objectives: military, religious, political and economic, the latest factor was important during the British colonialism, as well as the days of the Crusades on the land of Islam in the first millennium after the birth of Christ, peace be upon him and on our Prophet Mohammed, the war in which France, Britain, and Germany took a part, all this historical development and today’s world is a clear indication of what is a historical fact that meeting always about the influence and major interests: religious, political, military, and economic, regardless of acceptance or rejection of the principle, but the events of the world today and the enormous conflict between ( Islam / West) need none argument, even in the absence of a direct military encounter, the battle will be intellectual and cultural, because each bloc (the East) (the West) is in complete contrast to the other, in the vision and culture, and the philosophy of dealing with existence and the world, each side is within a soft or a rough shift to gain more strategic time.
There are good people in the world, from the East and the West, and they want a beautiful world of peace and love, a beautiful utopia like that of Farabi or Thomas Moore, like my Western friends on Twitter who send me a morning or evening greeting from New York, Toronto or London, and it may be painful for someone that dreams and feelings are something, and facts on earth and human action is something else, the New Zealand Prime Minister may be sincere in her feelings, we appreciate that, but it is more than just a man who holds a gun and kills people on air .
The inheritance between the two civilizations is very deep, and it affects the present and future of the world, and coexistence that the conflict between us exists even at the level of ideas, is better than trying to hide and claim more international courtesy.

Ehab Abdelaziz

By: Ehab Abdelaziz
Ehab Abdelaziz
Ehab Abdelaziz

Ehab Abdelaziz

By: Ehab Abdelaziz easpace8@gmail.com

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