Dialogue is the Sole Mechanism to Resolve Country’s Problems

Ahmed Ibrahim

Khartoum – The prominent cadre of the unionist party (the registered), Al-Sammani Al-Wasila, laments that they as Sudanese have been plagued with differences over issues, suggesting that they should sit together to negotiate them, pointing out that the recent address of president Al Bashir is reconciliatory, explaining that dialogue is the sole mechanism to resolve Sudan’s problems. ‘Now all the others look at President Al Bashir to establish mechanisms with the aim of narrowing viewpoints’.
He is of the opinion that the recent address of the president as retaining a similar distance towards all the other parties, will pave the way smoothly to a new era.
The prominent cadre urges the political forces to distance themselves from all the patterns of exclusion and to focus mainly on the inclusive ones if for national programmes and consensus are to prevail and dominate.
Al-Wasila concludes his remarks to comment on the state of emergency to just describe it as overcoming bureaucracy to realize advanced levels for restoration of the state authority and trust of the citizens.

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