Economic Vision: Economic Challenges

Since the secession of the South Sudan in 2011, the economic sector in Sudan has been suffering from economic difficulties, the country has affected by the exit of oil revenue from the budget, the situation was still deteriorating.
The government adopted new policies to overcome challenges, it reshuffles cabinets, from time to time, from August 2018 up to now, two Prime Ministers were appointed, the major objective of those two governments is to address the economic problems, that appeared on the surface of Sudan economic activities, wrong policies contributed negatively to volume of supply fund circulation, foreign currency scarcity and lack of the essential commodities.
The main issue that dominates social media, posts, comments and chatting is “Economy” that changed the whole political scene, the president of the country, has dissolved the governments, at both federal and states, new Prime Minister and cabinet, new governors and commissioners.
The issue, is not relevant to forming governments, it is an economic difficulties, how can the new government provide “Hard Currency” to import the basic needs? Is the question asked by all Sudanese, the government needs US dollars to provide medicine, gas, sorghums and wheat, the banking system and policies affected the confidence between the banks and the clients, who refused to deposit or save, the daily drawing money doesn’t meet the requirements, so clients lost confidence, they don’t trust banks.
The new financial policies should focus on finding solutions to liquidity crisis, to restore confidence to clients, companies and businessmen is the only way out towards enough liquidity in banks, it is difficult to run the country by only 10% of the supply fund.
The financial policies paralyzed the domestic trade activities, and peoples’ daily livelihood, but the economic crisis is solvable, the unification of the public treasury and combating corruption constitute 50% of the crisis solution, while the other 50% is the restore of “Confidence” between Banks and clents.
The financial foreign relations also considered as a challenge, the impact of US economic sanctions on import and export affected the public fund totally.

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