Minister of Security and Social Development Visits Zakat Chamber

Sudan Vision

Khartoum – Minister of Security and Social Development has paid her first visit to Zakat Chamber headquarters in Jabra. She has participated in the far well of the supportive convoy launched by Zakat Chamber for the Blue Nile state .The convoy has been allocated to the refugees who return to their villages after years of displacement due to the civil war. The supportive convoy contains uncooked food stuff and shelter materials at a cost of SDG 2 million.
At the HQ hall she toured the exhibition which includes samples of Zakat Chamber small enterprises for poor people who got the ability to work. She also visited disbursement and other departments where she acknowledged about the procedures of Zakat Chamber operations. Dr. Muhammad Abdul Raziq the Zakat Chamber Trustee General confirmed ZC staff commitment to purify Zakat – payers by collecting their Zakat and distributes the same the people according to Holy Quran orders.

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