More Companies to be Restructured or Dissolved

Ahmed Ibrahim

Khartoum – Prime minister Mohamed Tahir Eila issues an order to dissolve the Sudanese sugar company’s administrative council, as well as its general director.
The same approach was applied recently, especially when it comes to the Sudanese oil corporation and its secretary general.
Of course, the matter does not to pass without reactions, especially on the part of the economists. To begin with, professor, Isam Al Deen Bob, economic expert, says that the issue of companies and corporations was discussed a long time ago, adding that it is imperative that they should be returned back to the ministries as administrations. ‘Actually, these companies and corporations are a heavy burden on the Sudanese economy’, disclosing that at times the status of these establishments is unquestionable, especially legally.
Economical expert, Dr. Osman Al Badri, says that they expect more and more corporations and companies are to be restructured or dissolved because of economic futility, going further to make a comparison between Sudan and US in the area. ‘In US the companies and corporations, are only 15, while in Sudan this is not the case; many of them are there.

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