SSWA Calls for Unifying State Vision on Combating Illegal Immigration and Human Trafficking

Zuleikha Abdul Raziq

Khartoum – Secretariat of the Sudanese Working Abroad (SSWA) called for the need to unify the state’s vision on combating illegal immigration and human trafficking, in coordination with relevant authorities.
This came during the first meeting of the technical committee for preparing the African-Arab Initiative on combating illegal immigration and human trafficking, which was held here yesterday under the chairmanship of the SSWA Secretary-General, Ambassador Essam Awad Metwali, in the presence of the members of the committee from representatives of the Attorney General, ministries of defense, foreign Affairs, justice, and interior, NISS, and SSWA Sudan Center for Migration and Development Studies, where Metwali stressed the need for the initiative to reflect the positive external impact of Sudan’s rejection of the crime.
Director General of the Sudan Center for Migration and Development Studies, Dr. Khalid Ali reviewed the national, regional and international efforts in the field of migration management and combating human trafficking, and presented the first model of the initiative proposal.
The meeting reviewed the international and regional movement on combating human trafficking and illegal migrations, the events that took place on the issue and its outcomes, the Sudan’s participation in it and its role in the international and regional conventions and covenants that were held on this matter. A mini committee was formed during the meeting to study the initiative carefully and to present their opinion in the second meeting of the committee to be held next week..

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