Sudanese-Canadian Partnership to Develop Conventional Mining

Neimat al Naiem

Khartoum- Geologist, Consultant, Dr. Mohamed Abu Fatima, minister of minerals disclosed an intension to establish a union for miners to facilitate communication with them regularly. He affirmed the implementation of model markets in all states of Sudan , pointing to the wide spread of the conventional mining since 20-09 , when the numbers of conventional miners reached to one million beside the existence of 7 related jobs to the mining .
The minister of minerals disclosed to the Sudanese-Canadian partnership to develop mining, noting to the Canadian long experience in the field. He added that the conventional mining helped in reducing poverty, and the social interaction among the local categories in all states of Sudan; In addition to proving hard currency to Sudan.
Dr. Abu Fatima explained that there are packages to raise awareness with the impacts affect the miners’ health, pointed out to the efforts to save and secure the mining areas, through environmental and health conditions.
For his part, Consultant Engineer Mujahid Balal, the Director General of the Sudanese minerals Resources Company (SMRC) , pointed to the arrangements to establish training centers for conventional miners , to use other alternatives in mining taking the Canadian experience in developing and organizing mining as a model .
Adrian Roland, the Canadian Ambassador to Sudan affirmed the Canadian cooperation in mining. He shed light on the long experience of Canada in conventional mining, and preventing of using Mercury, pointed out to the experience of CIRDI in conventional mining to benefit from it in Sudan.

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