Al Dirdiri: US Court Ruling Constitutes Positive Breakthrough

Sudan Vision

Khartoum- Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Al Dirdiri Mohamed Ahmed has affirmed that the ruling of the US court in the case of Destroyer USS Cole is considered as final.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs said in a press statement at the Republican Palace yesterday that the ruling would avail positive climate for Sudan and give hope for positive breakthrough in all similar cases before the American courts.
Meanwhile, Dr. Al Dirdiri said in a press statement after he took oath of office at the Republican Palace yesterday that the international community has not fulfilled its financial commitments towards the peace of South Sudan, indicating that the government of South Sudan has deposited a sum of $10 million in the fund for implementation of the peace agreement.
He pointed out that the deposit is considered as an important development that would enable accomplishment of the basic requirements, which are represented particularly in the arrangements of gathering and training of troops besides fulfilling some of the political requirements pertinent to the transitional period.

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