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Sudan is the African largest livestock producer, it means that Sudan has an opportunity to promote animal resource sector. It is true that Sudan is suffering from economic crisis, but this problem can be solved. The country is endowed with diversity in terms of resources; it has alternatives, the livestock sector capable to change the fact from bad to good’
I do believe that mismanagement and lack of policies are the only challenge face Sudan economy. Livestock only can put the economy on the right track, the contribution of livestock to the public treasury represents 25%, and the Domestic Gross Production DGP depends on livestock as an easy investment, it doesn’t cost much money to run business in such fields. Due to the natural animal breeding system which characterizes Sudan livestock globally; the country ranks high in this position, 39 million head of cattle, 48 million head of sheep, 42 million head of goats, 3 million head of camels and 38 million poultry birds.
Who is responsible for the deterioration of the livestock sector?, The blame lies on the politicians, who always deprive technocrats and technicians of their rights. They don’t allow them to run the institutions scientifically, the variety of animals’ means; alternatives in the markets, the livestock only can meet the needs and the requirements.
How to promote Sudan products regionally and internationally is the dilemma of Sudan economy, no doubt, US economic sanctions on Sudan impacted export process, but the absence of clear vision, plan and abuse of power, play negative role in Sudan livestock market. The ministry of animal resources should have to set policies that are tied to Sudan economic circumstance.
Livestock transformative industry is not developed; many productive projects can be associated to livestock or animal resource. The regional markets are ready to import from Sudan, but despite all those features, the outcome of livestock doesn’t affect the livelihood of the ordinary people, they still complain about the high prices of meat, it is unjustifiable for Sudan to be categorized as a poor country.

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