The State of Emergency Deals with Challenges

Ahmed Ibrahim

Khartoum – Since the time that the emergency laws have been imposed, many do hopefully look at them as the true rescuer from the many ills that plague the country, especially economically.
In this regard, many have shown willingness to express their opinions over the matter, conspicuous among them is Dr. Haitham Mohamed Fathi, who says that the emergency order is a vital tool to deal with challenges competently, especially economically, going further to enumerate its advantages like this; ‘authorizing the government to uproot bureaucracy. Getting rid of corruption and increase in the development projects’.
And former minister of oil and gas, Engineer Ishag Basheer Jama, who indicates that the emergency state has reflected positively on distribution and consumption of fuel, adding that now the situation is stable and under control, pledging that they will do their best to help in boosting the situation progressively forward.

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