Arrest of Drug Traffickers on Sudanese-Chadian Borders

Mohamed Shoaib

Elfasher: four men have been arrested carrying amount of drugs on their way to Chad. Al-Tina executive director Bashir Adam Abdallah said.
It came when he was addressing the joint forces of intelligence and security apparatuses, besides the security committee of the locality and a number of local leaders, stressed that security services are working with highly qualification for protecting the community from negative effects of drugs.
“The four have been filed lawsuit and are going to face justice very shortly” he added.
Abdallah commended the great roles are played by security services and militarily troops with the aim of keeping security ,peace and stability among the local communities, in addition to fight against negative phenomena and smugglers across the frontiers.
He also appealed to the citizens to collaborate with official bodies and report on any suspicious activities which work to change graceful behaviours, customs and traditions of Darfuri residents.

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