DIU to Implement Projects in South Kordofan

Al-Sammani Awadallah

Khartoum – General Director of the Dam Implementation Unit (DIU), Eng. Mousa Omer Abul-Qasim, and the Governor of South Kordofan State, Lieutenant General Ahmed Ibrahim Mufedal, discussed the implementation of Zero-thirst projects in the state within the plan of 2019.
The governor of South Kordofan said, in a press statement after the meeting, that the state suffered greatly from the war, as this reflected in the disruption of development projects, but water projects carried out by the DIU contributed in the stability and people’s living, saying that the meeting insured on the implementation of a number of new projects to achieve the desired stability, praising the approval of the DIU on the training of a number of specialists in the state in aspects of water technologies and maintain the sustainability of projects.

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