Personal Ambitions are Behind the Divisions of the Political Parties and Armed Groups, Says VP Kibir

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum – Vice President, Dr. Osman Yusuf Kibir said that the splits of armed groups and the political parties were due to its leaders’ personal ambitions, adding that the armed groups and political parties have defects within the values system, affirming that the increasing number of political parties is not in favour of the political reality in the country.
Kibir, who was addressing the opening session of the Justice Party Third General Conference, called for disregarding the personal interests for the favour of the nation.
He pointed out to the considerable improvement in the security situation in the country represented by achieving peace all over the country.
He disclosed that Sudan is heading towards a new stage which requires new reading to the political map of Sudan through new agreed on concepts.
“There is no absolute freedom or absolute justice, but there is reasonable justice which Sudan is enjoying” kibir said.
He directed other political parties to follow suit the practice of Justice party in terms of democracy in its institutions.

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