Parliament to Summon CBOS Governor next Week


Khartoum – Parliament is due to summon the Central Bank’s Governor next week to respond to the inquiry on the banks’ banknote position. This was said by the Chairman of the National Assembly’s Industry and Commerce Committee Abdullah Ali Masar.
In a statement to SUNA, Masar pointed out that the parliament was the first time to provide a special and qualitative statement on the issue of banknotes, pointing to the Parliament concern with the issue of cash and its urgent solutions. He stressed that the next stage requires the creation of integrated platforms for all parties to work together to enhance its performance under the control of parliamentary high supervision and to review the basic issues relevant to corruption, banks and cash.
He urged the citizens to achieve political stability, reminding with the parliament important role during its next ninth and tenth sessions as they differ from the previous sittings in performance, supervision and review through restoring situations to their normal state by administration of the state in different approach economically. 

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