Emergency Court Sentences Defendants to Imprisonment and Fines after convicting them of Illegal Dealing in Fuel

Sudan Vision

Khartoum- The Khartoum North Emergency Court convicted yesterday three defendants, two of them foreigners who own two trucks, and the third a Sudanese national, who owns a fuel service station, convicted them of illegal dealings in fuel in accordance with the Emergency Order No. 4.
The court sentenced the two convicted foreigners to a year imprisonment and a fine of SDG150,000 each.
The Sudanese defendant, owner of the service station, was sentenced to six months imprisonment and a fine of SDG150,000.
The court also ordered confiscation of the two trucks.
Meanwhile, Khartoum Emergency Court sentenced yesterday two Sudanese defendants to five-year imprisonment as it ordered confiscation of exhibits, which included 85 bags of wheat flour, sewing machines for bags and quantity of empty bags.

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