European Countries Confirm Participation in Gum Arabic Conference


Khartoum – The Secretary-General of the Gum Arabic Council and Chairman of the Committee for the Program and Activities of the International Gum Conference Dr. Abdul-Majid Abdul-Gadir stressed the State keenness on the participation of the international bodies concerned with the dealing in the gum Arabic in the conference, which is scheduled to held early next May.
Dr. Abdul-Gadir said, in a phone call with SUNA from Paris; which he is currently visiting it within his tour to Western European countries, that he met some French companies importing gum Arabic from Sudan, explaining that these companies after importing gum Arabic from Sudan re-export it after processing to the United States American, Western European countries and East Asia, pointing to the consent of those companies to participate in the conference and the exhibition of gum Arabic products accompanying the conference.
Dr. Abdul-Gadir revealed that he extended invitation to Professor Sanchez to take part in the conference. Professor Sanchez specializes in the chemistry of gum Arabic in French universities and supervises several postgraduate studies in the gums and foodstuffs, adding that the French Nixer Company remained importing through 30 years 40,000 tons of gum Arabic, more of which from  Sudan. He added that the visits would continue Tuesday to include Germany and the Netherlands to intensify invitations for participation in the conference.

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