I Witness: Africa International University Wins “High Esteemed” Prize

The Africa International University (AIU) won one of the most respected and “high esteemed” prizes in the Moslem World. That prize is the King Faisal Prize for the Service of Islam and Moslems. The Prize is awarded every year for the outstanding personalities and bureaus for the distinguished works offered by them in different fields. The Prize concentrates on specific subjects that are related to the services of the Islamic issues and the Arabic Language. The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bin Abdul- Aziz delivered the Prize personally to the manager of (AIU), Professor Kamal Obeid in a big and lavish party held in Saudi Arabia.
Every one of the winners was given a chance to deliver a speech before the Saudi King and the audience of the party and the audience of the prize world wise. Professor Obeid presented a short and meaningful speech. On behalf of himself and on behalf of the personnel and the graduates of the University Professor Obeid forwarded his deep and sincere thanks to King Salman and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the sponsors of the Prize. He said that the Prize is an honor to the University. He thanked the Prize Committee for the great effort that it exerted in producing such a big work in the best shape. He didn’t forget to cherish the memory of the late Sudanese Head of state, Field Marshal Abdul Rahman Mohammad Hassan Suar Al-Dahab, because it was he who “nominated” the University for the Prize. Suar Al-Dahab is absent in body, but he left values and morals behind him, Professor Obeid said. The manager of the (AIU) then gave a brief and historic account of the University. He said that the University was established to verify the message of Islam. He said that the purpose of the (AIU) was and still is to graduate “enlightened” and clear-sighted generations of the “sons of Moslems” who can serve their peoples without any kind of extremism or extravagance. He said that the number of the graduates of the University is more than thirty five thousands. They are now occupying high posts in their respective countries, he said. It is worth mentioning that most of the students and consequently the graduates of the University are from the African countries. The University also hosts students from East Asia and of course Sudanese Students. The University has witnessed a wide and comprehensive renaissance under the leadership of Professor Kamal Obeid.

Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

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Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

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Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

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