The Return of IDPs Top Priority for N. Darfur Government

Mohamed Shoaib

El-Fasher: The case of returning the internally displaced persons (IDPs) comes on the top of priorities of N. Darfur government; according to the Minister of Health and Social Development of North Darfur State Marwan Al-Tijani Atayeb.
He said, during his meeting in his office on Tuesday with a high-level delegation of Zamzam IDPs camp headed by the director of the camp, Abdallah Nafai, that his government is working on coordination and collaboration with all concerned bodies for providing the necessary items for returnees in their home villages.
The camp is located 15KM south El-Fasher the capital of North Darfur, has roughly been hosting 48000 families from North, South, and East Darfur states.
“The security, stability, and disarmament campaigns, which is seen in the state during last period, have contributed largely to returning a considerable number of IDPs” he said.
The minister called all IDPs to forget the tragic experience Darfur civil war, and work for reconstruction, reconciliation and coexistence.
For his part, the delegation head revealed that around 12000 of IDPs in Zamzam camp have determined to return voluntarily to their original areas throughout the state.
He urged North Darfur government to contribute to offer the basic needs to make them to stabilize in their village.
He also explained that around 8000 IDPs from Zamzam camp have seasonally returned to their home.

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