Al Bashir Declares Launching of Expanded Dialogue

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Khartoum- President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir has declared launching of expanded dialogue that targets the youth, arms holders and all parties that did not participate in the National Dialogue, affirming conviction that dialogue is the sole means for reaching options that realize the consensus of the Sudanese people.
Al Bashir affirmed in his address to the Higher Coordination Committee of the National Dialogue Friday that the expanded dialogue aims at creating transform in the political reality that is governed by the criteria of transparency, justice and availing equal opportunities for all and public freedoms.
He added that “our aim is to unify the national ranks and create conducive atmosphere to make dialogue as the means for solving the issues of the country, affirming that this would enable the people to choose their leaderships through elections which are held in accordance with free, fair and transparent criteria that are agreed upon by all.
Al Bashir affirmed readiness of the government to open door for dialogue on any substantive issues, saying that they want agreement on all that is related to the elections so that all participants in it would enter the elections assured that it is the real means that lead to power.
He called for maintaining contacts with all the people of the Sudan internally and abroad, saying that all are to feel that they are partners in the political process.
President Al Bashir called on the six presidential councils to convene to consider all issues according to their specializations to discuss the issue of peace, which is key for all political, social, security and economic issues of the Sudan.
He stressed importance of setting a time table for the expanded dialogue to be successful as he also called for opening dialogue that targets the youth for contacts among the various generations for developed and civilized Sudan.
On the economic aspect, President Al Bashir affirmed that the economy is the pressing issue now, affirming opening of doors before all competent Sudanese internally and abroad to contribute to resolving the irregularities in the national economy.
He said the government is working on the economic issue on two axes based on utilization of available resources for building strong economy besides reaching solutions to lessen livelihood hardship and meeting the basic needs of the citizens as well as combating corruption, smuggling and speculations.
Al Bashir reaffirmed start of dialogue on the constitution to end the phenomenon of interim constitutions that has remained characterizing Sudan.

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