Orbits: The Capital of Beggars!

We wrote several editorials warning against the tremendous increase of beggars numbers on the streets and near the stop lights in particular.
We urged the concerned ministries in Khartoum State government to deal seriously with the issue in coordination with the civil society organizations.
There is not a single road in Khartoum state where there are no beggars.
Is Khartoum State government happy with those thousands of beggars who ask the passers-by and drivers day and night to give them some money to buy food?
We wrote repeatedly about this phenomenon and urged the concerned authorities to take decisive actions to reduce the number of beggars and street boys through at least, providing shelters to them besides immediate deportation of the foreigners who freely practice begging in our capital, but all our calls were in vain.
What is worrying is that most of those beggars are foreigners who practice begging using their babies as one of the important tools in their job.
One of the Arabic dailies conducted an investigative report on the phenomenon and came out with a result that there are more than 2 thousand beggars in Khartoum State to be added to some hundreds of street boys.
We believe that the number mentioned in that daily is far below the actual figure because we are sure that there are more than two thousand beggars in central Khartoum around the bus stations and stop lights.
The use of babies became natural as it is impossible to find a traffic stop light without tens of those female beggars with their babies along with those kids with their dirty cleaning rags to wipe the glasses of the cars before they ask for money to buy food.
It is high time for the Governor of Khartoum State – who was the Director of the Police before coming to this hot seat – to deal with the issue from his background as top officer in the police forces to curb this phenomenon which tarnishes the image of our capital.

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

E-mail: khulud_10@yahoo.com
Muawad Mustafa Rashid

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Muawad Mustafa Rashid

Muawad Mustafa Rashid

Orbits E-mail: khulud_10@yahoo.com

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