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As long as striptease is considered the utmost level of modernity, civilization or culture, we should say farewell to our Islamic principles and shari’a. For there is a crusade against Islam through many ways, one of which is through media represented in T.V series and an obscene pornographic movies or Youtube channels. Moreover, the most dangerous one is the bad image which sent through deformation of Islam as a religion of terrorism and hatred. So, why always Islam?
The main reason is the expansion of Islam in non-Muslim countries is growing rapidly according to statistics in 2013, in contrast to other religions, to give cite Christianity represents 31.5 % of the world population, while Islam is approximately 23.2% of the overall population (7095217980) meaning that the number of Muslims are 164609057136. Furthermore, the number of non-Muslims whom they convert to Islam is in great figures.
On top of that, The Islamic religion reached these remote areas in Europe, china, India and America through merchants and tourists whom they left their fingerprints in people’s minds, for the loyalty, tolerance, sincerity, forgiveness and solidarity which were the major role in attracting hundreds of people to have a bash in such a good religion. Therefore, in order to stop such danger is creating Fear in the west under the context of terrorism.
If we cast our minds back to The eleventh of September 2001 in united states of America (the international trade Centre) followed by London attack and the shooting of Charlie Hebdo newspaper in France on 7th of January 2015, we might find that there are some hidden agendas behind these attacks which occurred respectively years ago in order to deform the image of Islam in western communities, for Islamic religion was growing fast among western religions, whether Christianity, Judaism or Buddhism. As result, the only way to get rid of such religion is through portraying its picture to the globe, but all to no avail.
The counter Islamic religion has waged misinformation long time ago through deliberate planned strategies to hurdle Islam development in their countries. However, their media played and still performing well in this side. Even we as Muslims totally believe that Al-Qaeda, Boko haram or ISIS (Islamic states) they are real Muslims that represent Islam. But, on the contrary, Islam is a religion of peace, tranquility and quietness; this clearly appears in the prophet’s (peace and please be upon him) saying:” the Muslim is the one from whose hand and tongue, the people are safe, and the believer is the one people trust with their lives and wealth”. (Source: Sunan al-Nasai 4995.
In conclusion, the image which exists now should be changed through publishing pamphlets in many languages including Spanish, Dutch, German, English and French, and all languages if that possible, explaining the meaning and the aim of Islam, and stay vigilant towards any threat that try to insult Islam by hook or by crook. For The maxim says:” he that ill to himself will be good to nobody.

Mozamel Aldai Alabass

Mozamel Aldai Alabass
Mozamel Aldai Alabass

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