Armed Forces Spokesman: We Will Confront All Illegal Gatherings Decisively

Najat Ahmed

Khartoum- The Spokesman of the Armed Forces, Maj. Gen. Ahmed Khalifa Al Shami, has affirmed to media organs ending of the sit-in by demonstrators before the premises of the General Command of the Army and its roads, affirming that the Armed Forces and the security organs maintain control over the security situations.
He affirmed that the security organs with all their components confront all illegal gatherings in a decisive way in accordance with the law, saying that there are illegal gatherings that carry out acts that are against the law, including threats to the citizens and searching of their cars.
He called on the citizens not to participate in such gatherings to preserve the security and stability.
He assured the citizens on the stability of the security situations in general, affirming that measures would be taken to assure the security of the citizens, referring to acts that had happened in an illegal and unethical manner, including sabotaging installations and blocking of roads.

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