Prosperity in All Domains, Especially economically, Is Though Strategic Planning

Ahmed Ibrahim Ballal

Many experts speak up about the ways and means to rescue the country from the ills it is in presently, especially the ones that relate to strategic planning (SP). To begin with, professor Mohamed Hussein Abu Salih, chairperson of the Khartoum state’s higher council for SP, says that the sole approach to uproot predicaments, is via SP. ‘We keep working for 60 years without SP’, he says, going further to talk about the huge economic and political capabilities that US have been enjoying, which are mainly realized through SP.
He goes on to criticize the behavior of ministers allover the history of Sudan, explaining that once they are appointed as ministers, then this is the time that to ignore SP by having it just being thrown behind their backs.
Dr. Abdul Ra’ouf Al Tikeina of the institute of strategic studies, says that the richness in resources that Sudan enjoys makes it the target of the foreign agendas, seeing that the way out from this dilemma resides in SP which is to result in national consensus and unification of visions and therefore are to be up to the challenges.
And Abdul Wahab Osman Kuku, from the Islamic university, calls for the incorporation of education, especially the technical one, into SP, if for the country is to prosper and in all domains, especially economically.

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