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Talking about the economic situation dominates the chatting of people in Sudan. I would like to convey what is going on in the public transportation among passengers every day. The normal talk is focus on prices of the basic commodities and the devaluation of the currency before the US dollar.
People are astonished at the fluctuation of prices, they believe that, unjustifiable to attribute all the prices to the rate exchange of the currency, many products are produced domestically, without high costs, others say dollar rate exchange has strong relation with the prices of commodities, even the vegetables.
I do agree with them, because the process of buying and selling is a comprehensive economic circulation. The farmer can sell yields in cheap prices, but when they want to buy things for their families they get their requirements expensively, the trades worry about the devaluation of their “Capitals”.
The other daily economic discussion, is how the Sudanese can restore the “Value” of the SDG, irrespective of the current deterioration, there is hope and aspiration.
Sudan still has an opportunity to save its economy; it doesn’t matter to start again from zero point. Sudan has a lot to export, various kinds of products, can restore the value of SDG, Gum Arabic, animal resources, agriculture, minerals, solar and water power.
In some countries you can find only one resource, but in Sudan we economic diversity which increase the chances of trade exchange. For instance, the volume of Gum Arabic production alone can save the public treasury with foreign currencies, every month Sudan can earn billions of dollars to bridge the gap SDG rate exchange before US$.
New financial and monetary policies required being set to address the economic crisis which mainly based on the ups and downs of the dollar rate exchange, the only way out to economic stability is through good exporting plan, the international markets ready to receive Sudan products.
The most important feature and characteristics of Sudan exported products its organic value, this comparative advantage attracts foreign investors and traders to invest and run business in Sudan.

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Economic Vision
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