I Witness: Come and See Thursday Million Procession

For more than four months the opposition parties have been making scattered demonstrations. Those demonstrations caused a lot of damage in the streets and resulted in the loss of bloodshed and precious souls. One of the false ideas that the opposition parties wanted to consolidate in the minds of the world and the mind of the Sudanese people is that they have the upper hand in the streets. They said it more than one time.
They have been filling the space channels with these “lies” for a long time!
They have been claiming that they have the majority with them. Now is the time for these “lies” to stop; now it high time for the real majority that has been silent in the past four months to speak it out. Now it is time for the people of Sudan to show on what side the majority stands. It is high time to wipe out all the lies that have been circulating in Sudan recently. Now it is the time for the supporters of the regime to prove to the whole world that this regime is a strong and stable one.
The parties and powers of the “National Dialogue” have decided to organize the Thursday Million Procession”.
This Thursday, the 11th of April will register its name in the history book of the history of modern Sudan. By this show the powers and parties of the national dialogue have the chance to show and prove that they have the last word and the upper hand in shaping the future of Sudan. The Thursday procession is not against any one. It is not a reply for the demonstrations and sabotage activities that have been going on during the last four months.
Sudan will not be the same after this Thursday. The world will see that what those protesters were doing was nothing but desperate acts from desperate people. The world will come to understand that those protesters were doing nothing but refusing to come to the dialogue table. The world will know that those protesters are actually afraid of showing their faces to the Sudanese people before the elections stations. The opposition parties know that they are the “minority” in the popular vote. Nevertheless, they want to rule the country. This is simply impossible. If they haven’t admitted this so far, they will know it today.

Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

Abdul Rahman AL-Zuma

I Witness Email: zumma1888@gmail.com

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