Minister: Livestock Exhibition is Real Opportunity to Promote the Sector and Bring Investment

By / Najat Ahmed

Khartoum – The Ministry of Animal Resources, Fisheries and Pastures started preparations for the Sudan first livestock exhibition in Khartoum, in cooperation with business partners and related parties in the coming period to highlight the potential of Sudan in the field of livestock and provide tangible services to the Sudanese citizen and to attract foreign and domestic investment and promote the livestock sector.
Minister of Animal Resources, Fisheries Pastures, Eng. Ibrahim Yousef Benj directed the formation of a higher committee to arrange the Sudan first Livestock Exhibition, pointing out that this comes within the framework of the implementation of the Ministry of Animal Resources for the priorities of the government in providing food, especially that livestock is the main component of food, adding that the exhibition will be a comprehensive opportunity for all sectors of livestock, bee products, leather, veterinary services and animal production inputs in support of the economy and to achieve the desired development goals that serve the homeland and citizen’s interest.

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